Why use eLearning in your training strategy?

There are lots of different benefits to using an online learning package and learning management system as part of a blended learning strategy. Both can be used to support your new starters, for major new software roll-outs or simply to transition lawyers and support staff efficiently through software upgrades.

One thing we all know is that time and quality is of the essence (yours and lawyer time!) and resources in any law firm training team are always stretched.

In a nutshell, online learning allows you to;

  • Plan and deliver standardised training in a consistent, on-demand way.
  • Gain complete visibility of end users engagement and progress through the training.
  • Deploy training to many different locations to thousands of end-users in a very cost-effective model. Not only for the training team itself, but also offer flexibility for high billing fee-earners whose time and attention span is frankly limited for extended classroom training sessions.
  • Achieve the added bonus of LTC4 competency certification as a by-product of many of the courses we offer for the common business systems in use by law firms.
  • By using a flexible and intuitive Learning Management System (LMS ) you can engage with your user population more effectively, scheduling and tracking not only eLearning courseware but classroom and drop-in support sessions too.
  • Use the LMS for lodging all training resources from courseware to manuals to video instruction as the go-to portal for all training requirements.
  • We all understand that we and other people learn in different ways – online learning blended with classroom and other supporting materials ticks the boxes for most learners.

In summary, online learning delivers:

  • Standardised consistent training

  • Complete visibility of end users engagement and progress

  • Deploy training to different locations cost effectively

  • Deploy training to large user populations cost effectively

  • Flexibility for high-billing fee earners

  • Added bonus ofLTC4 competency certification

  • LMS delivers scheduling and tracking for all training methods

  • Lodge all training resources in one accessible location

  • Deliver learning in different ways to satisfy all learning styles

Why use OUR eLearning in your training strategy?

So, we’ve established a solid business case for utilising eLearning in your update and deployment training strategy. But why use OUR eLearning content?

We offer a unique breadth of content that spans most of the major legal technology platforms and are focused on this market. Lawyers often unique exhibit an ‘expert or professional psychology’ and are dealing with unique pressures. This can extend into how confident or embracing they are with new or changing IT platforms. Our training content is specifically designed for lawyers or their support staff for the business systems in use in today’s legal business.

And it doesn’t stop with great courseware.

The LMS to deliver it is cost-effective, secure and initiative for everyone to use. Offering you everything a great LMS should. Read more about it here. 

But it’s not just about great courseware and LMS either.

The depth of training expertise that wraps around our services is demonstrated in all of the supporting materials and documentation made available to you and your training team from day 1. Don’t spend many man (or woman!) – weeks reinventing the wheel, build on it instead if you need to.

And lastly, but never least – International, Large and Mid-law references.

At the right time in your assessment, we can provide amazing large and mid law references from around the world to back this up.


Please contact us for an initial informal chat on how we might assist you in delivering training excellence for your firm.

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