Training New Starters to your Legal Organisation

You/your firm have spent time and money investing in the recruitment process to find the right person for your firm and the expectations are that this will be a long and successful relationship.

The first couple of days for a new lawyer or law firm employee are normally spent doing introductions to the company, the department and their new work colleagues.

The impact on both parties, and your impressions of each other, will continue for a long time to come.

Legal IT system training

It’s crucial at this early point in the relationship that there is investment in training for your new starter on how to use your legal IT systems.

Throughout the recruitment process, there was typically a lot of emphasis on the importance of investing in staff training. Little did you know that a psychological contract was made at that point with your new recruit.

These days working professionals will make a large part of their selection process of a new employer based on the assurances of the investment made in their training when they start…so now it’s time to keep that promise!

The challenges you now face may include:

  • Their new department is keen to get them in and up and running on billable time. The other aspect is without adequate training on your systems they will be a drain on existing staff as they will be constantly interrupting with questions on ‘how to’.
  • If quality and in-depth training don’t happen the new recruit will become a risk by not having the system knowledge and therefore errors will most certainly be made.
  • By learning as they go or by the person sat next to them, there is also a very high risk of them picking up bad habits. These bad habits will then filter down to others as they join or other members of the team seeing a maybe easier/quicker (although wrong) way and very quickly you have a team or department working ineffectively.
  • Without giving your new recruit the full and correct training your firm runs the risk of breaking the psychological contract which could cause concern. The new recruit may be picked up quickly on their incorrect system use, feel inadequate and may already have thoughts about maybe this is not the place for them…

All that investment spent and within a very short space of time, you could be back to square one!

Investing in an eLearning platform

Investing in an external training platform will help onboard all your new recruits.  You will be able to maintain the training consistency required but also tailor the correct programme for lawyer, business support or legal support staff.  The right training for the right person is critical – only training on what the person needs to know for their job role is the most efficient and effective way route in our experience.

By using our learning management system (LMS), you select the tailored programme, monitor their progress and review reports on the results of each individual.

Your firm may also be looking to invest in staff becoming LTC4 accredited.  More investment in staff really does prove that it’s an integral part of your firm’s ethos.

Closely measuring results will help identify any further training needs and online or classroom training requirements going forward.  More proof to your new recruit that you as a firm are investing in a long-term relationship.

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