Competency certification for common software skills.


LTC4 is a skills-based standard that is used for the common functional areas of software used by lawyers to deliver the law. Such as time recording and handling documents. Certification ensures that everyone is competent (and lawyers are often motivated to get trained and certified for LTC4 competencies!) in your chosen business software.

Certification is also a powerful marketing tool (particularly for corporate clients) to ensure that no client time is lost through inefficient use of technology. (See for further information.

LTC4 is a non-profit organization, that has established legal technology core competencies and certification that all law firms can use to measure ongoing efficiency improvements.

Using the Capensys online courses enables a law firm to not only achieve the training goals but also to achieve LTC4 certification in key areas too. Firms register and join LTC4, then use the online courses to train to achieve LTC4 certification naturally by users completing the content and passing the tests.